Dinosaur Extinction

Dinosaur Extinction

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Does God Exist? Your Foundational Worldview

A person's foundational worldview is determined by how you answer the question, "Does God Exist". Review the scientific and mathematical evidence for God's existence. We have assembled many possible starting places for you in your quest to know the truth.

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  • Origin of Life: The rise and fall of Spontaneous Generation. Francesco Redi. Louis Pasteur. Charles Darwin and evolutionary theory. The continuing misrepresentation.
  • Age of Earth: Why does the age of the Earth matter? What are the two worldviews? Are we being educated or indoctrinated?
  • Age of the Earth: Young Earth vs. Old Earth. A study of Limiting Factors. Magnetic field. Earth rotation. Moon drift. Young is not unreasonable.
  • Catastrophism: The opposite of Uniformitarianism and the Geologic Time Scale. Evidence for cataclysmic activity on earth. The Noachian Flood. The implications.
  • Evolution vs Creation: The Great Debate over the Model of Origins: the theories, contentions, and evidence. The lack of evidence and the resolution.
  • Evolutionism: Are the suggested evolutionary phases valid? A review of cosmic, stellar, chemical, planetary, organic, macro and micro evolution.
  • Charles Darwin: His Evolutionary Theory of Origins. His family background and education. The HMS Beagle and Origin of Species. His lasting effect.
  • Origin of The Universe: The atheist mechanisms for all that we see. The Big Bang and Inflation Universe Theories. The Evolutionary Theories. A Critique.
  • DNA Double Helix: The DNA double helix is a great scientific discovery. Does it point to an act of randomness or divine intervention?
  • Geologic Time Scale: Explanation of it and some of the common misconceptions and issues regarding the supposed proof of the theory of evolution.
  • Uniformitarianism: The dominant geological paradigm for more than a hundred and fifty years. What are the claims? What are the evidences?
  • Carbon Dating: The premise, the method, and the controversy. What do scientists think about this popular dating method? Find out here!
  • Dinosaur Extinction: Review the considerable evidence for this theory of recent dinosaur extinction. The facts overwhelmingly point to it as being truth.
  • Creation Evidence: Evidence that discredits evolutionary theory. Lack of natural mechanism. Lack of transitional fossils. Time constraints. Unacceptable models under scientific rules.
  • Intelligent Design: An examination of mechanical and biological machines. Spontaneous generation vs. concept and design. The fantastic complexity at the molecular level.
  • Dinosaur Fossils: Early definitions and discoveries. Fossilization process, controversial dating methods, the geologic column, and the extinction theories; younger than we think?
  • Darwin's Theory of Evolution: A theory in crisis in light of the tremendous advances we've made in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and information theory.
  • Piltdown Man: The discovery. The alleged missing link. The hoax. The perpetrators. Dawson, Woodward and Chardin. A warning to all of us.
  • Second Law of Thermodynamics: Laws of Heat Power. Law of Increased Entropy. Order to disorder, randomness and chaos. The birth of our universe.
  • Origin of Species: Darwin's classic work and the foundation of evolutionary theory. Natural selection in theory and practice. Check out the latest science.
  • Age of the Earth Part 2: Young earth or old earth model? Historical review of majority opinion. Radiometric dating. Natural chronometers pointing to a young earth.
  • Christian Science: No contradiction in terms. A look at the scientific heritage of our post-modern age. Over 100 faithful scientists listed.
  • How Old is the Earth?: Historical thoughts and modern evidence. Uniformitarianism and evolutionary theory. DNA and fossil evidence. Natural chronometers pointing to a Young Earth.
  • Big Bang Theory: Concise synopsis of the big bang theory's background, historical foundations, major problems. Explore alternatives to our ultimate question of origins.
  • Human Evolution: Frauds and mistakes of the fossil evidence have lead to the formation of human evolution theory. Review the facts now.
  • Radiometric Dating: A questionable method for establishing the old age of rocks. The unreliable basis for the Geologic Time Scale of earth.
  • Creation vs. Evolution Part 2: Contrary explanations for a shared beginning that address the fundamental questions of life. The debate's philosophical, social and religious consequences.
  • Theory of Relativity: The basics of Albert Einstein’s theory regarding gravitational phenomena. The assumptions and approximations.
  • The Flood: The biblical story from Genesis. The universal traditions from all over the world. The dramatic, life-changing physical evidence.
  • Proof of God: What would constitute evidence for God? Using fundamental design detection methodology, check out the incredible evidence for Intelligent Design now!
  • Evidence for Evolution: The unsupported icons of evolution still found in today's textbooks, including homology, embryology, observed natural selection, and the fossil record.
  • Evolution of Man: All humans originate from an ape-like ancestor that existed a few million years ago. Learn the concepts of this theory.
  • Dragon History: Universal accounts and depictions of dragons in ancient cultures. The evidence for dinosaurs centuries before the science of paleontology existed.
  • Creation vs. Evolution: The definitions. The debate. The evidence. The challenge. A review of cosmic, chemical, stellar, planetary, organic, micro and macro evolution.

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