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Dinosaur Extinction

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Does God Exist Philosophically? Your Foundational Worldview

Philosophically, a person's foundational worldview is based on how they answer the question: "Does God Exist?" Everyone at some point in their life has pondered this ultimate question - many of us ask it several times and from a myriad of approaches. Investigate some of the sites below in your quest for the ultimate truth.

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  • Polytheism: Polytheistic beliefs in the ancient world. Polytheistic beliefs in the modern world. Impact on New Age pluralism. The monotheistic alternative.
  • Naturalism: A philosophical, theological and scientific explanation for everything. A look at cosmological and biological origins. The staggering statistics against materialism.
  • Materialism: Doctrine, philosophy and worldview. Preoccupation with the physical. Rejection of the intellectual and spiritual. The interdependence of philosophy and science.
  • Adam and Eve: Who are they? The Biblical account. Milton's account. The Garden of Eden. Universal parenthood. Original sin. Meaning for today's world.
  • Why Am I Here?: One of life’s basic questions. Are there varying opinions? Learn two viewpoints and the enormous ramifications. Unearth the facts now.
  • Morality: Where did our system of moral conduct come from? Did it evolve? Was it learned? Or was it perfectly designed?
  • Humanism: The history of Humanism and it's manifesto. What are the implications of a humanistic outlook? Does God exist? Explore now.
  • Egyptian Gods: Ancient Egyptian religious tradition. Pre-Dynastic history. The creation myths. Life after death. Common themes with other religions. Universal truth.
  • Greek Gods: The historical, religious and social background. The creation and flood myths. Life after death. Effects on meaning and morality today.
  • Atheism: A practical look at the definitions of atheism, agnosticism and theism. Belief vs. Disbelief. Knowledge vs. Lack of Knowledge.
  • Cultural Relativism: Cultural Relativism - Moral, situational and cognitive relativism. Relative truth. Pluralism, tolerance and subjectivity. Right and wrong defined by social norms. Illogical conclusion!
  • Meditation: A new emphasis on reflection and contemplation. Meaning in Hindu, New Age and Christian beliefs. Focus on truth and purity.
  • Is God Real?: A Question of Origins. The Evolution Paradigm and the Humanist Campaign. Information and Design declares the need for a Creator God.
  • Moral Relativism: Are standards of right and wrong mere products of time and culture? Is morality really a neutral concept? Find out!
  • God: Does He exist? Is He necessary or merely convenient? He is revealed in the concept and design inherent in all things!
  • Secular Humanism: Excluding God from schools and society. The Humanist Manifesto. Theory of Evolution. Atheist philosophy and doctrine. The religion of humanism.
  • Gods and Goddesses: Foundation of mythology in ancient cultures. Egyptian history and creation myths. Greek history and the religious background of the city-state.
  • Does God Exist?: This is a prerequisite to answering the other big questions of life. How do you answer it? Was there a Creator?
  • Communism: Marx, Engels and The Communist Manifesto. The economic and political philosophy. The atheistic and amoral reality. A costly experiment for society.
  • Is there a God?: How did we get here? A look at 21st century science in light of the theistic and atheistic views of origins.
  • Moral Ethics: How do we make moral decisions? Is it a question of relativity? Or is it a question of absolute truth?
  • Roman Gods: The history of pantheism in Rome. The influence of Etruscan and Greek cultures. The Roman Empire and its divine emperors.
  • Cultural Materialism: Marvin Harris and The Rise of Anthropological Theory. Comparisons to Marxist Materialism and other anthropological doctrines. Organization, ideology and symbolism.
  • Agnostic: Is this philosophical position feasible in light of scientific evidence? A review of the microscopic world, including the Bacterial Flagellum.

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