Dinosaur Extinction

Dinosaur Extinction

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Worshiping GOD as a Christian is not just about singing, fasting and praying. GOD is not interested in what you do as much as why you do it. HE does not honor hypocrisy -only a heart devoted to HIM. Worship is not something you just do on Sunday… it is a lifestyle. We are to love, trust, obey, praise, thank and live only for HIM every day. It is about surrender. It will cost you your self-centeredness. We are to worship in spirit and in truth. We were made specifically to bring GOD pleasure and glory. Check out what the Bible teaches on worship that is acceptable to GOD…

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  • Nature of God: A short touching story of discovering God's presence, praising His name, and understanding His unconditional love. Gaze on these things!
  • Faith in God: Although bolstered by evidence and transformed lives, our faith should be simple and pure, like the perspective of a child.
  • Christian Worship: Showing reverence and gratitude to God who is worthy of all worship and praise. Learn the difference between worship and singing.
  • Worship: Praising God in Spirit and Truth. Glorifying God with the heart of David. It's all about God and His glory!
  • Praise to God: How is praising Him accomplished? Why is it important to me? Discover why the Heavenly Father is worthy of worship.
  • Lord's Prayer: How should Christians pray to God the Father? Here's a devotion based on Christ's model in the Book of Matthew.
  • Prayer of Jabez: Enlarge your territory and increase your impact. Attempt something large enough that failure is guaranteed - unless God steps in.
  • Intercessory Prayer: The biblical foundation for intercession on behalf of others. A scriptural look at our model intercessor and High Priest, Jesus Christ.
  • Power of Prayer: How can my prayers be more powerful? Is there a secret formula? Does God really answer? Learn what the Bible says.
  • Surrender to God: What does this biblical phrase mean? Does surrender only have something to do with giving up? Discover that unconditional surrender is victory.
  • Praise and Worship: More than singing songs in church, it's a lifestyle of love from the heart. A biblical perspective on true worship.
  • Christian Prayer: The Lord's Prayer - Christ's model for all of us. Meditation. Quiet thoughts. Insights to help deepen your communication with God.
  • Christian Fasting: Denying something physical to glorify God and go deeper with Him in the Spirit. A recommended lifestyle for spiritual growth.
  • Prayer and Fasting: Abstaining from food for the purpose of focusing on God. As you rely on Him for wisdom and direction, He will answer.
  • Sanctification: Learn how God sets apart a person, place, or thing in order that His purposes may be accomplished. Discover the facts.
  • Praising God: Thanking and adoring the Heavenly Father for His goodness and grace. Learn the importance of praise and implement it into your life.
  • Glory to God: He is glorified through His creation, His works, His son Jesus, and believers who are living for Him.
  • Living Sacrifice: Christians are called to die to their former selves in service to God and others. Understanding this biblical truth.

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